A FILM BY Cameron Yates PRODUCED BY Mridu Chandra EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Philipp Engelhorn CO-PRODUCERS Esther B. Robinson, Basil Tsiokos & Charlie Olsky

EDITORS Shannon Kennedy & Sakae Ishikawa CO-EDITOR Mary Manhardt ORIGINAL MUSIC BY T. Griffin




“[T]hrough sheer force of her self-mocking wit and outgoing personality, Maier... manages to generate and sustain a rooting interest.”

“Jeanette Maier, the firecracker featured in Cameron Yates’s The Canal Street Madam, is a natural screen presence: The once-powerful overseer of a popular New Orleans brothel, she exudes old fashioned charm while maintaining a seductive aura and a filthy mouth.”

“The Canal Street Madam plays a little like Grey Gardens, only this time the mom runs a whorehouse and her daughter is one of the whores.”

“The Canal Street Madam is a portrait of a very complicated woman living a very complicated life... She is wild, shrewd, intense, generous, manipulative, loyal, self-aggrandizing, incredibly sad and incredibly funny.”

“What do you do with a woman who boldly declares that she’s a whore? If you’re Cameron Yates, you follow her around for years and discover that she has a fascinating, funny, troubling story to tell.... The Canal Street Madam is a compulsively watchable documentary.”

“The Canal Street Madam accomplishes several impressive feats when most docs can hardly accomplish one. It is, in so many ways, a complete work of non-fiction.”

“If there was ever a sex worker who deserved to have her own talk show, it’s former New Orleans madam Jeanette Maier... the film’s treatment of sex workers’ rights issues is unflinchingly raw and powerful.”

“This nuanced film about ex-madam Jeanette Maier, who ran a New Orleans brothel before it was busted by the FBI, is a complex study of the high price of sex work.”

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